Open source technology for citizens' political participation in smarter cities

Based on geolocation, Internet of Things, Open Source hardware and software for data collection and sharing

Smart Citizen Platform

Smart Citizen is a platform to generate participatory processes of the people in the cities. Connecting data, people and knowledge, the objective of the platform is to serve as a node for building productive open indicators and distributed tools, and thereafter the collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants.

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Communtity platform for researchers, schools, citizen science, communities, cities and developers


Use it as a tool for data capture and analysis in technology deployments, or for social experiments. Understand the relationship between people, environment and technology by doing real-world deployments. Smart Citizen is being used in major universities around the world to build experiments around architecture, design, computer science, technology, among other disciplines. Architectural Association, University College of London, University of Glasgow


Data could be a very powerful education tool. Use Smart Citizen hardware and software tools to teach computer science and environmentalism in your classroom. Open discussions about the environment quality at schools, the usage of sensors and data in the education sector.

Citizen Science

Reduce the gaps to get data captured and streamed by sensors. No more cables, shields and libraries in order to get valuable data from the environment. Analyse the data online, or download it to put it in your preferred tool.Some applications being used as a tool for citizen science:CitSciKS, Waag Society (noise intensity evaluation)


Launch a crowd sensing initiative in your neighbourhood. Use our sensors and platform to create local maps of air quality or sound problems; use them to report to your city council or to raise awareness of issues that matter for your community. Somo applications: Kosovo and Kosovo science for change


Smart Cities should be build together with Smart Citizens. The construction of new infrastructure is not only possible thanks to a massive investment on new technologies, but could be done through the better optimisation of the existing resources. Co-create with your citizens, include participation in the political life in the everyday city. Cities participants: Amsterdam, Manchester, Barcelona


You can build on top of our platform and hardware. Smart Citizen is totally open source, so feel free to download our frameworks and designs, and build new ones on top of them. Share your contribution with all the community, build your own solutions and be part of the development team.

Smart Citizen Kit
Urban Monitoring
Ambiental monitoring
SCK Features
Arduino at Heart
User Customizable
Internet Connectivity
Mobile Phone Interactivity
Micro SD card storage
RTC Data Time tracking
Mini Usb Connector
Battery Solar/
Panel Charger
Urban board
Ambient sensor board
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Solar Panel
Realtime ambiental monitoring for data analysis
Connecting people, data and knowledge

API Reference

The RESTFul API will allow you to connect to your data and with other users. Use it for your own proposes or for Citizen Science creations.

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GitHub Repository

You can download all the Open Source Software (web and arduino scripts) in the public repository

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A place to share, suggest ideas or only to leave a ticket for some amends in the services.

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